So in this post I will write about this blog.
First, my name is Mariane, 16. I was born in Brazil and I speak portuguese. I created the blog in 2010, and I used to write about famous people, Disney, and movies.
But in 2012 I changed everything, I changed the name, and I started to write about different things that wasn't famous people and others. And this year, 2015 I went to California to do an exchange program. I went in January and I came back to Brazil last month, June. It was an amazing experience and I had a really good time in LA.
I miss everything, most the people. I miss my life there, and now that I learned english in LA, I decided to write some posts here in english for my friends that doesn't speak english, I already wrote a post explaining that I will write in english, but wasn't that good, so I'm here writing again about it, but explaining better than the other one.
English is my second language, so I'm sorry for all the mistakes.
And would like to say THANK YOU for everyone that reads my blog. It's so important to me each one of you guys.


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