sad Brazilian reality

(Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
(Fotografia por Paul Clemence)

A typical Brazilian view... That's really sad. We can see the social inequality, every street, every city, some people are really rich, but next to them are those, who are really poor.
We brazilians wanna change this reality, and make a difference. 
The first step is vote in someone good, is search the candidates and vote in the better one.
The second step is always try to help, even if it would be a little help, you can do it, and all helps is important, help the kids, families, do your best. We can change our reality in our country.
I'm writing this in english because I want more people to see our reality, I know my language is portuguese and all the brazilians speaks portuguese, but I wannna show to the world the real Brazil.
I love my country, but this is something that makes me sad about Brazil.


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