We miss you Amy

I just watched "Amy" a documentary about Amy Winehouse. A very talented singer with an awesome gift. She really knows how to sing, yes she knew.
I'm so happy to had the chance to know her even if only though internet, videos and tv. The thing is, I knew her in the time she was alive. What a good time to be alive. But a bad time for music when she passed away.
We lost more than a woman. We lost a talent. We lost a very special woman. And I feel that I have to write something about her here after watch all her story in that documentary. I want her in my blog. I want to give her a space here in one of my social medias.
Thank you so much Amy to gave us such a good thing like your MUSIC, your songs. It's such a pleasure to the world have your voice here with us alive. Even if you're not here anymore. We still listening to your songs. We still love you.
We miss you so much.
Thank you.


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