First, let me explain this spread and where I found. I found out this spread about the new year on tumblr, I translated and posted in portuguese, here it is the link: CLICK HERE TO READ IN PORTUGUESE.
Here, in this post I'll post in english as the original version from this tumblr: Eli Strange.
OKAY... No more bla, bla bla... THE MEANING:

1. Keyword: Core - MAIN FOCUS
This card is the one below card 2 in the picture. A keyword for the new year, a sort of headline of what your main focus will be, what your new year will be about at its core.
2. Keyword: Context - MEANING
A context for the core, providing further explanation as to what area(s) of your life will be affected or where/how this process will take place.
3. What do I take with me from the last year?
The most important thing - perhaps a new insight or an experience - that you will bring with you from the previous year into this new one. Something to learn from, or something that you still need to solve in order to make progress and evolve. Depending on the card you draw in this position, it could be something that holds you back, or something that will aid you in your progress. A symbol of the past.
4. Focus for my mundane life - COMMON DAYS
What you should or will focus on in your everyday life. This could be about your living situation, work, school, education, relationships - anything that occurs on the material plane.
5. Focus for my occult practice - YOUR SPIRITUALITY
What you should or will focus on in your spiritual, magical, occult - whatever you call it - work. Could be a clue as to where you should go next, if you don’t already know, or a hint of what you might learn this year.
6. January-March (the months depends what day did you spread the cards, then you count 12 months, you could spread in the beginning of the year like january of 2018 or in August, whatever! Here it's just the first trimester of your new year): CHALLENGES
Any challenges or problems you might have to deal with during the first three months of the year. Something you have to work through, something that seems difficult.
7. January-March: What will help me move forward?
Something that could make it easier to overcome the obstacles. Something that will feel easy, flow without troubles. Something that makes you feel good and helps you grow and develop.
THIS SPREAD WAS CREATED BY: Eli Strange Occult Tumblr


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